The Tech

Phenometrix has developed FaceCode™, an advanced Facial AI phenotyping technology based on computer vision and machine learning that captures, structures and analyzes complex human physiological and psychological data to produce actionable personality insights. Phenometrix database includes an unprecedented depth of phenotypic and genotypic information derived from the genome-wide association study (GWAS) to associate specific genetic variations with particular traits. The method involves scanning the genomes from many different people and looking for genetic markers that can be used to predict the presence of a trait.   This has been tested in thousands of real-world use cases.

We offer a private and secure highly scalable cloud-based solution that integrates our interpretation systems through a set of open APIs providing an organization or company unprecedented insights to predicted human behavior.

Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Our machine learning algorithms build personality-specific computational-based markers while proprietary technology converts a candidate photo into de-identified mathematical facial markers (facial descriptors).  The candidate’s facial descriptors are compared to marker sets to quantify similarity resulting in a prioritized list of character traits with similar morphology. Artificial intelligence then suggests likely phenotypic traits and genes to assist in feature annotation and syndrome prioritization.

Breakthrough Architecture Unveils Critical Insights

The science behind our technology enables the quick and highly predictive generation of multiple reports. Some users will appreciate keeping the information to them, others will want to share what they learn with friends, colleagues or prospective partners or employers. When an app is user friendly, accurate and affordable, it will become viral!

Scalability and speed


Images submitted via the faceCODE application to the Phenometrix API.


The Phenometrix API accepts images & forwards to our cloud platform delivering images for specific use case analysis.


The Phenometrix cloud analyzes images and completes character analysis based on specific personality use case parameters.


Phenometrix returns the genetic personality type information, the associated traits & outcomes based on the personality type.

About Phenometrix

Phenometrix develops advanced facial AI phenotyping technology that offers unprecedented insights into human personality and behaviors.

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