Market Intelligently

Phenometrix delivers actionable customer intelligence for brands, agencies and media companies by demystifying humans. Your report offers insights, predicts possible behaviors.

Market Intelligently

Customers.  Sometimes it is hard to live with them but it is impossible to live without them.

Some customers, and most clients have frequent face-to-face interactions with you.  This can be a painful experience.  Clients can be unreasonable, demanding, even hostile.  Others are open, attentive and receptive.  When you go to deal with a client the key to success is understanding their personality traits and their character and how to tailor your presentations and interactions to who they are.  FaceCODE is the tool that lets you know before you ever meet exactly who and what you’re going to have to deal with and how to do it.

Customers are another matter.  If you’re in the B2C space chances are you will never meet them.  But the client buying your product online, in the store or from a catalog is no different than the client or customer you take to lunch.  They have personal attributes just like anyone. And chances are very good that your brands attract similar personality types.  Guesswork is the wrong way to approach you customers.  Today’s research methodologies are useful but limited in what they tell you.

FaceCODE can immediately identify common personality traits and highly accurate predictions of behavior.  Brands can understand what motives their customers to buy their brand.  Agencies can more accurately target and message.  Media companies are able to develop content that matches the tastes of their audience and their advertisers.

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Phenometrix is an Emotional Intelligence (EI) company that is developing AI based technologies to significantly change a number of markets

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