Develop Your Career

FaceCODE™ is a tool to create a happier, more productive life at work. Your report offers career insights and suggests ways the personality type and how to best motivate and communicate.

Develop Your Career

Between you and your goals stands people.  Some will be allies, some will be enemies.  Some you will bond with, some will repel you.  Successfully travelling the road to success requires working with all types of people and It’s hard.  The good news is that FaceCODE is your tool for deciphering people and learning how to make allies and negotiate around obstacles.

We have all had a micromanaging boss with the hair trigger temper.  We have all encountered the office backstabber who revels in other people’s failure.  And we have all had to carry the load for the co-worker good at schmoozing their way to popularity but unwilling to work a lick.  FaceCODE allows you to recognize these personalities before you even meet them and provides guidance in successfully managing these difficult but unavoidable relationships.

There is a key to everyone.  If you take the right approach to any relationship you can achieve a working relationship.  It is all in how you communicate.  Do it right and your days go smoother, you are more productive and more creative.  Every minute spent stressing about others is a minute lost in achieving your personal goals.  FaceCODE shows you how to turn negatives into positives and smooth your road to success.

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