Humans have searched for ways to decode temperament, personality and behavioral traits for thousands of years. Traditional methods are slow, costly and rely to much on tedious personality assessments. Personality AI disrupts this paradigm by offering a fast, affordable and accurate way to generate predictive reports of personality simply by using a selfie.

How is Personality Decoding From a Selfie Even Possible?

The scientific journey to apply genetics to the decoding of personality traits has taken many decades. There are three critical scientific developments that have made this revolutionary AI possible (Figure 1). 

PHENOTYPING:  Scientists, and especially forensic researchers have now perfected our ability to sketch a very accurate picture from any human based on DNA

PSYCHOGENTICS: Gene experts can make strikingly precise descriptions of core personality traits based on our DNA. 

PERSONALITY AI: Finally, by combining the science of phenotyping and psychogenetics, Phenometrix can decode personality from facial markers

Figure 1: Personality AI Evolution

Decoding Albert Einstein at the speed of light

FaceCODE scans facial markers to decode personality

Top traits: Organized, analytical, detailed, perfectionist, accurate, cautious, formal, quiet, logical, self-disciplined.

Figure 2: Personality AI by Phenometrix

Albert’s dominant FaceCODE trait is ORGANIZED

He is reserved and autonomous, usually preferring to work independently for long periods of focus work rather than multi-tasking. He is extremely analytical, and gravitates towards process, structure, and rules. Albert is intensely skeptical and uses logic to objectively make decisions, rather than being swayed by emotions. If the data informs new logic, Albert is capable of being flexible and changing his mind quickly. People like Albert are often inventors and seek innovative, accurate solutions to the exciting new problems and projects they are entrusted to. 

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