Discover the top personality traits of your friends, your partners and your colleagues in seconds. Improve your relationships and your career by understanding who you are. Personality AI can help you grow and thrive. Thanks to Personality AI, marketers will improve products and design advertising campaigns with better information on customers’ wants and needs.

We serve markets that depend on insights to transform and grow

With FaceCODE API, marketers can analyze the personality profiles of their shoppers in record time.

Traits are predictive of future behaviors. FaceCODE provides  a unique opportunity for marketers to gain new insights to improve product development and advertising campaigns.

Personal Growth & Romance

Career Development


Advanced Personality AI Opportunities

Learn to predict and understand human behavior from personality traits. Enable machines to interact with humans with feedback loops based on human patterns of responses.

Child Development

Understanding the true nature of children can help parents and educators communicate, support and nurture better than ever before.

Digital Health

Some traits make people more vulnerable to anxiety, stress or even depression. Early detection of these pathological risks can help millions of people live happier lives.

Human/Robot Interface

Personality AI can help robots learn empathy. By doing so, machines will be able to relate and communicate with humans better and faster than ever imagined. 

About Phenometrix

Phenometrix develops advanced facial AI phenotyping technology that offers unprecedented insights into human personality and behaviors.

Humans Demystified, Relationships Optimized

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