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FaceCODE™ Discovers the Personality Behind Your Face

Improve Relationships

Knowing more about people in our lives creates closer relationships, reduces conflict and helps us grow as human beings. Get a report that predicts compatibility and helps you better get along with others.

Develop Your Career

FaceCODE™ is a tool to create a happier, more productive life at work. Your report offers career insights and suggests ways the personality type and how to best motivate and communicate.

Market Intelligently

Phenometrix delivers actionable customer intelligence for brands, agencies and media companies by demystifying humans. Your report offers insights, predicts possible behaviors.

How It Works

FaceCODE™ is a simple yet powerful tool to better understand people, and it’s as easy uploading a photo. Our personality and emotional intelligence technology decodes facial photos using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to classify individual’s genetic character and personality traits in an instant without bias.


About Phenometrix

Phenometrix develops advanced facial AI phenotyping technology that offers unprecedented insights into human personality and behaviors.

Humans Demystified, Relationships Optimized

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